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Sunday, 22 July 2018

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City: Mabopane, North West


Contact name Oil Company
Phone +27620537432

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History of Eng Ernest April, this man was one of high operators and he
have been working as a marine Engineer since 1980 ! He has good
qualification master degree at oxford University and graduated as civil
Engineer . Ernest April originally from Amsterdam Netherlands and born
in Malmo Sweden, he was very devoted, trustworthy, kind, has working
experience. He also work with 8 companies as manager of operation and he
have been in 7 countries of the world! He came from a middle-class
background, his father has worked a variety of jobs, But he ended up as
an oil merchant before he died. Ernest April was into the oil business
with hos father but after his death Ernest decided to go into
construction as him graduated of Civil Engineer he work with Oil
platform as manager before then he went back to my field and as a self
employed so he work for himself as a agreement construction
manager.Ernest was born 7th January 1955 in Malmo Sweden , he move out
from Netherlands since to USA since 1991 and he only one daughter her
name is Belinda April . Ernest lost his both parents on the same day, he
was very close to his parents, Ernest is the only child he was spoilt
and they always try to provide everything he want, he was born and
brought up as a catholic, he have never gone back to Netherlands since
he left as he i snot close to his relatives. he was married to the
mother of my Belinda Mrs Connie.E. April, he lost his wife to cancer of
the breast, it wasn't very difficult for him , it was hard for him to
watch her die slowly, she was a perfect match for him as well , they love
each other so dearly.Ernest is very handsome man and well educated
person . Get more information about Ernest on FACEBOOK status or